Open Source Integration

It Geist has also furnished for you the support for Open Source Customization and Integration. The process of traversing and merging data and transforming it into a unified schema across a particular information system is Data Integration. To extract information from different sources, merge them by combining it into a single database and present it into user but by deploying Open Source Technologies leads to the phenomenon of Open Source Integration.

Now with It Geist there is no need to worry for financial constraints, size or capacity limitations while imposing Open Source Customization. Target the information that is required by you using maximum of benefits that Open Source Integration provides. The costs charged will be less as compared to using licensed tools or closed source software if you will prefer Open Source Customization especially from It Geist. It is also observed that Open Source Integration leads to an efficient and reliable software solution with in no time for a business entity or company. So gain competitive advantage by choosing Open Source Integration as a preferred choice.

The beloved clients can utilize Open Source Projects which includes Online Shopping Carts, Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Employee Information Systems, Office Suites, Front Desk Management Solutions, Web Solutions for social networking e.g. blogs, forums, live chats, instant messengers, community websites for schools, colleges and universities, official websites for clubs, personal or small business website, e-commerce websites, web directories, books portal, jobs portal, music portals, web editors, calendars, guest books, layouts for face book and much more cool web stuff including sitemaps, feeds, visitor trackers and other website monitoring tools etc at affordable price from It Geist too.